Initial Enrollment Fees & Weekly Fees, Simmering Center

I am paying the initial enrollment fees on behalf of the client or myself. 

Note: initial enrollment fees in Kansas City are $315.00/$335.00 

I understand that the final decision to approve this home plan relies upon the approval of the courts, probation, and parole, or the client’s attorney. If the client chooses not to enter our program or is not released to our program, we will not refund initial enrollment fees.

IF the client is denied release into New Beginning Sanctuary, he or she may apply the enrollment fees to come into the program after completing time in the Department of Corrections.

Beds will not be held past clients’ agreed-upon release date. If the client chooses to not report to New Beginning Sanctuary, all fees are then non-refundable.

Initial Enrollment Fee: $200.00 / $315.00/$335.00 KC

First Week’s Fee: $120.00 Springfield, Joplin and $140.00 Kansas City

Please Note: All program fees including initial enrollment fees are non-refundable!  NBS will consider a refund of the first week’s payment of $100 on a case-by-case basis if the client gets denied release.

Weekly Fees

Standard weekly fees of $120.00 in Springfield, Joplin and $140.00 in Kansas City began the second week of participation in the program and are due Sunday prior to the weekly house meeting.

Past Due Payments

If you are past due: 75% of your payment will go towards paying your said fees, and a paycheck verification is required. Important! Clients who get three weeks behind on their fees will be terminated from the program.

You are paying for your program; housing is included as long as you are a part of the program. You are not a tenant and you do not pay rent. Therefore if you are asked to leave, you agree to do so and take your belongings within 1 hour. Anything left behind after 1 hour of dismissal will be donated. This applies to the abandonment of property.

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