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Supporting each other makes each of us stronger!

New Beginning Sanctuary is a National Association of Recovery Residence certified housing provider!

Mission Statement

New Beginning Sanctuary provides a structured and supportive environment necessary for successful long-term recovery from substance and alcohol use by offering multiple pathways that empower our participants to become healthy, self-sufficient, productive members within our community.

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About NBS

NEW Beginning Sanctuary is a 12 month, or more, sober living program that includes both faith-based and secular recovery programs.  New Beginning Sanctuary is Medically Assisted Treatment Friendly. NBS is a 501 © 3 corporation based out of Springfield, MO.  Although we receive some donations from local businesses, we are mostly self-funded and do not have any financial affiliations with any religious organization. We are a level 2 recovery support service provider.

What to Expect

Clients move into one of our homes to stabilize and work on their sobriety foundation. They learn to live life with accountability and structure. Over time, they start to restore relationships with family and friends.

All clients enrolled are expected to keep their personal areas neat, clean, and well organized. They are expected to do chores to keep the home clean and inviting at all times. We have an open-door policy with anyone who would like to drop in to see how we operate day to day.  All we ask is a 5- or 10-minute heads up to make sure someone is home. We want everyone to see how homes operate normally, not just when it is a scheduled visit.

Clients reside in a structured, supportive, environment with rules designed for participant recovery, safety, compliance, and accountability. There are both daily and weekly chores to promote responsibility and accountability. Each home has a house leader and an assistant who are available 24/7 to provide assistance and ensure compliance. Basic living essentials are provided by NBS. Clients have access to limited use of phones, television, and computers. WiFi is also provided by NBS.

We Are Not a Lockdown Facility

Our clients are expected to work and attend classes, groups, meetings, and/or church services regularly.  Being part of a thriving community is important to most of us; therefore, NBS considers it essential for our clients to participate in various volunteer programs.

Housing Options

We currently have 23 homes in Springfield, Joplin, and Kansas City, MO. We also offer 2nd phase housing for those that have completed our program.

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It’s not “all about the money, it’s about you reaching your goals.”

Some have said: “It’s all about the money for NBS.”  We hold clients accountable for their actions with our zero-tolerance for drugs, alcohol, fighting, and/or theft. We expect all clients to pay their weekly fees and to stay current or ahead of their obligations.

Since 2013, we have relied mainly on our clients to fund the entire program. Financial independence is just one of the measures of success. The two tangible measures are money and sobriety, these are the two that we can measure by actions and not just words.


We are responsible for enormous expenses such as rent, home maintenance, employment and administrative cost, and much more.

It is not possible to operate without expenses or without funds coming in. The fees are kept at the most affordable level possible.  In addition to the cost inherent to the program, we believe it is of great value for people to learn financial responsibility and self-sufficiency. Both are essential to success in the community and all areas of life. When clients come into the program, they agree to the program rules regarding community living, sobriety, and fees. They make a commitment to the program, other participants, and themselves. When clients fail to honor their commitment in one area, it ultimately impacts the others.

For example, a client drinking or using while in the program puts others at risk for relapse.  A client not paying their fees can also hurt others if the program cannot meet basic expenses. It is also disrespectful to expect the others in the program to shoulder the expense while one or two people have no responsibility.  A client not following the rules will create chaos in the home as well as the newcomer not having a positive role model upon entry. This sets up a very unhealthy dynamic in the home and program.

If someone is asked to leave our program, oftentimes they blame the program and not themselves. It’s never “my fault” instead we hear “They are always on me about completing my classes, chores, signing in or out, keeping my bed made, or owing fees.” The reality is that when it comes down to proving sincerity and long-term commitment most people find it harder than originally thought.

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