New Beginning Sanctuary Rules


  1. There is absolutely zero tolerance for drugs and/or alcohol including synthetics use or possession (any infraction of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from NBS Program and property thereof).
  2. Clients who take prescription medications (Controlled) will be required to relinquish their medications to NBS Staff, who will secure said medications in the office safe, upon arrival in the NBS Program. (Medications will be dispensed by NBS staff once daily at: 7PM.
  3. All clients are subject to random drug testing and/or BAT (Blood Alcohol Test) without notice and with or without cause or explanation. (Refusal to submit to testing will be treated in the same manner as having submitted a positive test result; the client will be immediately dismissed from the NBS and property thereof. Client, likewise, will be considered to have submitted a positive test if they should leave the property at any time for any reason before having submitted to testing.) Note: When client submits urine sample for screening they must do so with the bathroom door open and not flush the toilet until the sample has be physically passed to the NBS staff conducting the test.
  4. There is absolutely Zero Tolerance for violence, threats of violence, intimidation or theft at NBS. (Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the NBS Program and the property thereof. Note: Criminal charges (when applicable) may result from violation of this policy).
  5. Borrowing or loaning money or the solicitation thereof is prohibited within the NBS Program, in that, such practices can and frequently do lead to misunderstandings and conflict between individuals and program members in general.
  6. Weapons of any sort are strictly prohibited (Zero Tolerance) in a client’s individual possession, in their rooms or on NBS property. Such weapons include but are not limited to: firearms, ammunition, knives with blade length in excess of four inches, etc.
  7. Pornographic materials of any sort are prohibited in a client’s individual possession, in their rooms or on NBS Property. (Such materials include but are not limited to magazines, movies, computer downloads, phone downloads, drawings, etc.)
  8. All clients are subject to search of their person, their personal belongings and their rooms and surrounding areas at any time without cause or explanation. (Failure to submit to search will be treated in the same manner as having been found in possession of Zero Tolerance items, resulting in immediate dismissal from the NBS Program and the property thereof).
  9. Smoking is allowed designated areas only.
  10. Clients must keep personal belongings and personal areas neat, clean, orderly at all times.
  11. Clients must make their beds daily.
  12. Clients must shower at least once daily (No exceptions).
  13. Clients must wash and put away their own personal eating utensils after each use (i.e.plates, bowls, cups, silverware, etc).
  14. Clients are responsible for washing and folding their own linens (sheets, blankets, pillowcases, towels, washrags).
  15. Clients are authorized to wash three (3) loads of laundry per week in the on-site laundry facilities, which allows for two (2) (loads of personal laundry and one (1) load of personal linens. Sheets and bedding must be washed once per week.
  16. Clients are asked to turn lights off when they are finished using them and/or leaving the room.
  17. Clients are required to be out of bed by 6 AM and remain so until 3PM unless authorized by a staff member, excepting Saturday and Sunday. (Clients who have outside employment are exempt).
  18. Lights out will be at 10:30PM every night, except Friday and Saturday nights when this time is extended until Midnight (12AM). Lights out Friday and Saturday is 11:30pm
  19. Curfew nightly is 7:00 PM for all clients within their first 30 days in the NBS Program, and 10pm after first 30 days. Midnight (12AM) on Friday and Saturday for clients who’ve been in the program for 30 or more days.  Curfew means clients are inside the residence, not on the property. All Guests must be off the property 30 minutes prior to curfew. Friday and Saturday curfew changed to 11pm
  20. After 30 days with fees caught up and chores caught completed, clients are eligible for overnight passes once each week with staff approval.
  21. Radios, I-Pods and other personal entertainment devices must be used with the accompaniment of personal headphones so as not to disturb fellow clients with extraneous noise.
  22. Clients must actively seek gainful employment (excepting those clients who receive disability benefits or are otherwise employed). Employment search is subject to verification by NBS staff.
  23. Clients must sign out/in on provided log sheet when leaving/arriving on property. Log will include time out/in, destination and client initials or signature.
  24. Clients must attend a minimum of three (3) scheduled meetings/classes per week. This includes a minimum of one (1) sobriety / support related (i.e., Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous) meeting each week.
  25. Clients are required to perform house chores daily as assigned by NBS staff. Chores to be a priority over anything other than work meetings, court/po appearances or medical appointments.
  26. Clients must attend a minimum of one outside religious service (i.e., church, synagogue, bible study) each week.
  27. Clients are individually responsible for the documentation (WEEKLY PLANNING SHEET) of chores, meetings, financials and related staff signatures. (IF IT IS NOT WRITTEN DOWN, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN). Also, loss of weekly planning sheet will result in an initial fine of fifty ($50), first offense, one hundred ($100) second offense, and dismissal third offense.
  28. When answering the house phone, clients are asked to do so politely and professionally (greeting the caller in a kindly, helpful manner, identifying oneself, then transferring the call or taking a message which includes the call back number, any message the caller wishes to leave and the time/date of call).
  29. Failure to comply with house rules and regulations will result in serious sanctions and/or penalties, including but not limited to fines, additional chores, or termination from NBS Sanctuary.
  30. Clients terminated from NBS Sanctuary must collect their personal belongings (under staff supervision) within one (1) hour of said termination. Any belongings not collected within one hour of termination will be considered donations to NBS.
  31. NO RELATIONSHIPS FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST 30 DAYS!  You need time to work on yourself, before you can have any success at a relationship. Family is welcome to visit, but spouses, boyfriend/girlfriends etc. need to respect and support your recovery, by understanding you need this time.
  32. Clients will be required to volunteer every Sunday for their first 30 Days at Church at the Center. After thirty days, clients are expected to volunteer from time to time and participate in all New Beginning Sanctuary group activities! Only acceptable exception will be work or death in family. Participation is an important part of recovery!
  33. Clients terminated from NBS Sanctuary must collect their personal belongings (under staff supervision) within one (1) hour of said termination.  Any belongings not collected within one hour of termination will be considered donations to NBS.
  34. If someone is behind no matter how much, 75% of their income will go to pay fees! Initial fees are non-refundable. Clients who get three (3) weeks behind are instantly terminated.

House rules and regulations are subject to change without notice at the discretion of NBS staff.

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