About New Beginning Sanctuary

Accountable Graphic New Beginning Sanctuary is a faith based, nonprofit, non-denominational, long term (12+ months) sober living program for men and women. We are a 501(c)3 corporation based in Springfield, Mo. Although we receive some donations from businesses in the local community, we are mostly self-funded, and do not have any financial affiliation with any religious organization. As a level 2 recovery support service provider, we are National Association of Recovery Residences compliant and are poised to be NARR certified as soon as Missouri becomes a part of NARR.

We currently have 2 large Victorian homes, 3 additional homes throughout the city-county (North and Mid-town) and a large 4-plex home (Southside).

Men and women come into one of our large homes to get stable and work on their sobriety. Over time, with positive behavior, maturity, and financial stability, they could earn an opportunity to get moved into a smaller “apartment” style unit as they get closer to self-sufficiency.

Each of our homes is truly a home, from decor, furnishings, to comforts such as televisions in each room. Washer and dryer are provided on site, and a full kitchen with two or three refrigerators and pantry space.

Being a home, all clients enrolled are expected to keep their personal areas clean, and do their share of chores to keep the house clean organized and inviting at all times. We have an open door policy with anyone who would like to drop in to see how we operate day to day. (All we ask is a 5 or 10 minute heads up to make sure someone is home) We want everyone to see how the homes operate normally, not just when someone is visiting.

We are not a lock down facility. Our clients are expected to work, attend classes to improve themselves and maintain sobriety, attend religious services, and volunteer to give back to the community. We will hold clients accountable for their actions with our zero tolerance for Drugs, Alcohol, Fighting, or Stealing. We expect all clients to pay weekly fees and to stay current or ahead on their bills.

Since 2013, we have relied mainly on our clients to fund the entire program. Financial independence is just one of the measures of success. That is true for anyone, recovery or not. Personal relationships, connection to a higher power, abstaining from drug or alcohol use, are also measures of success. The two tangible ones are money and sobriety, these are the two that we can measure by action and not just words.

Some people have suggested that we "are all about the money."

To an extent that is true. Our clients pay to be in the program. Because we are self-funded, our homes rely on the fees of the clients to continue to operate. We pay everything: Rent, utilities, cable, internet, maintenance, repairs, trash service, appliances, lawn equipment, insurance, company van (gas, maintenance, insurance), paper supplies for home, linens, classes, furniture, administrative costs etc. from our client fees. There is no way we can operate with no expenses and no funds coming in. The fees are kept at a smallest level possible while still covering expenses.

In addition to the costs inherent in the program, we believe it is of great value for people to learn financial responsibility and self-sufficiency. Both are essential to success in the community and all areas of life. When clients come into the program they agree to the program rules regarding community living, sobriety, and fees. They make a commitment to the program, other participants, and themselves. When clients fail to honor their commitment in one area, it impacts the others.

For example, a client drinking or using while in the program puts others at risk for relapse. A client not paying their fees can also hurt others in the home if the program cannot meet basic expenses. It is also disrespectful to expect that others in the program will shoulder the expense while one or two people have no responsibility. That sets up a very unhealthy dynamic in the home and program.

We are always on top of client balances, this is always an indication for us on how well or poorly the client is doing.

So if someone fails out or is asked to leave our program, often times they blame the program and not themselves. It’s never “my fault,” instead we hear “They are always on me about completing my classes, doing chores, signing in and out, keeping my bed made or owing fees”

The reality is that when it comes down to proving sincerity and long-term commitment most people find it harder than originally thought.

"Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy!"

New Beginning Sanctuary, a safe place to start anew...