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New Beginning Sanctuary provides a faith- based, structured and supportive environment needed for successful long-term recovery from substance abuse. We strive to provide safe housing, access to treatment, employment, and the education that participants need to re-establish themselves as healthy, happy, self-sufficient and productive members of our community.

New Beginning Sanctuary, a safe place to start anew...

Why choose New Beginning Sanctuary?

Alon Fisch and His Clients

The director and staff at New Beginning Sanctuary make every effort to make this house a home. Attention to details regarding the house itself. We care about every individual and our approach is very personalized. Not everyone is accepted into our program, as it will only work for people who truly want this! We are not a get out of jail free, or slide under the radar organization. We will weed out the ones who are not serious about making a change quickly! We want to help people that truly want to help themselves and for them, we make this as simple and supportive a process as possible. Since everyone in our program is serious about their recovery, help and support are very readily available from staff and peers.



We are a self-funded non-profit and we do not receive government funds. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will allow NBS to help more motivated individuals maintain sobriety and enjoy a productive life.